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Welcome to Stoney Creek Counseling!


Students, making an appointment is simple!

1. Go to the counseling office (before school, after school, between classes) and ask Mrs. Burcham for an appointment with your counselor.
2. Mrs. Burcham will provide you with a few times to choose from and you can pick the one that will work best for you (i.e. not during a test or quiz).
3. If your appointment is the same day, Mrs. Burcham will give you a pass so you may exit class at the time of your appointment. If your appointment is for a different day, she will give the pass to your 1st hour teacher to give to you the day of your appointment.
4. Please show the teacher your pass before leaving class.
5. You could also place the appointment in your planner/phone to help you remember your appointment date and time.
**Please note, the counselors are off for the summer beginning June 10th. We have disabled the ability to make an appointment over the summer. If you need immediate assistance, please use the Contact Us button.
Students are assigned to a counselor based on last name
Mrs. Wilson (A-Bo)
Mrs. Veeser (Br-G)
Ms. Holzknecht (H-L)
Mr. Achim (M-Ri)
Ms. Allen (Ro-Z)
Counseling Secretary: Mrs. Burcham
Phone: 248-726-5707
Fax: 248-726-5885
Registrar (Records & Transcripts): Mrs. Paulus
See transcript tab below for instructions on how to request a transcript
Phone: 248-726-5727
Fax: 248-726-5885


Due to the continuation of COVID-19 cases and the resulting quarantines throughout the second semester, RCS will extend the option to choose a “pass” (G) rather than a letter grade for the final grade in each second semester course.  
After the report cards are posted on June 18, students will have one week to complete the Credit/No Credit Grade Change Request Form - Semester 2 (2021) .   Seniors should make every effort to return the grade change request by June 23, 2021. All students must complete and return the grade change request by June 25, 2021.  Senior grade changes will be processed as quickly as possible, and changes for the other grades will take place throughout the summer and will be completed prior to the 2021-2022 school year.  All grade change requests must be sent to
Passing grades that are changed will become a “G” for passing on the report card and on the transcript.  Failing grades will automatically be changed to an “H”, which does not provide credit, but doesn’t impact the GPA.  There is no need to request a change for a failing grade.
We trust that families will carefully consider this option and all that might be impacted by choosing to change the grade.  Below is a list of information that may be helpful when making the determination.

  • Neither G nor H (failing) will impact the student’s GPA. Keeping the original letter grade WILL impact the GPA.
  • G/H will not negatively impact NCAA eligibility at this time. (for more specific information go to NCAA COVID FAQ ).
  • A note regarding G/H will be indicated on the transcript and an explanation will accompany the school profile sent to colleges for high school students.
  • Students must earn a “G” for a class to fulfill a graduation requirement for high school graduation (“H” will need to be retaken).
  • Students should research and strongly consider the implications of selecting G/H with their college admissions office, college financial aid office, military/employer, insurance company, etc. Students may also wish to consult with their counselor. In general, a more complete transcript may be more desirable for college admission and students may be asked to fully explain a G grade.
  • Online coursework taken out-of-district does qualify for G/H.
  • For future coursework with a minimum grade prerequisite, proof of the required grade will be necessary to take the course. You may wish to talk with your current teacher about next year’s placement.
  • All students taking a course are expected to meet normal course requirements (assignments, papers, assessments, attendance, etc.) and are graded in the normal way to receive a G in the course.
  • Changes will be made starting with the senior class, and the manual process will be completed over the summer. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding submitting the form please email