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Welcome to Stoney Creek Counseling!


Students, making an appointment is simple!

1. Go to the counseling office (before school, after school, between classes) and ask Mrs. Burcham for an appointment with your counselor.
2. Mrs. Burcham will provide you with a few times to choose from and you can pick the one that will work best for you (i.e. not during a test or quiz).
3. If your appointment is the same day, Mrs. Burcham will give you a pass so you may exit class at the time of your appointment. If your appointment is for a different day, she will give the pass to your 1st hour teacher to give to you the day of your appointment.
4. Please show the teacher your pass before leaving class.
5. You could also place the appointment in your planner/phone to help you remember your appointment date and time.
**Please note, we disable the ability to make an appointment leading up to summer break and over the summer months. If you need immediate assistance, please use the Contact Us button.
Students are assigned to a counselor based on last name
Mr. Beach (A-Col)
Ms. Seawright (Com-Gr)
Ms. Holzknecht (Gu-Kur)
Mrs. Muir (Kus-Pa)
Mrs. Donnellon (Pe-Sti)
Ms. Allen (Sto-Z)
Counseling Summer Phone Line:
Phone: 248-726-5727
Fax: 248-726-5885
Registrar (Records & Transcripts): Mrs. Paulus
See transcript tab below for instructions on how to request a transcript
Phone: 248-726-5727
Fax: 248-726-5885

AP Exam Registration

AP Test Registration dates: September 11 - October 31, 2023
 Step 1: Join your AP class using the join code provided by your teacher. This will need to be completed for every AP class in which you are enrolled.
Step 2: For any class in which they are planning to test, students will need to log in to their "my AP Classroom” (through their College Board account) and 
             click on the blue “Register for Exam” button. Once they have done this, they need to click the blue "confirm" button to order an exam. If they do NOT
             wish to test, have them choose the option on the right, “No, I wish to remove myself from taking this AP exam.”
Step 3: Payment
            AP exams: $105
            AP Capstone (Seminar and Research): $155
            Free/ Reduced Lunch Student: $20 (Check/Cash)
Please click on the following link to pay for your AP test (using the RCS Online Payment System): If you are unable to pay through the online payment website due to an extenuating circumstance, please contact your counselor.
*If proof of payment is not received by October 31, 2023, you will not have an exam ordered for you.
Step 4: Please print your online receipt and bring it to your home school’s counseling office. YOU MUST WRITE THE NAME(S) OF THE EXAM(S) YOU PAID
             FOR ON THE RECEIPT before dropping it off. You can also email your receipt, including which exams you ordered noted on the receipt, to the email
             address listed with your home high school:
                             Adams High School:
                             Rochester High School:
                             Stoney Creek High School:
Second semester AP Classes
If you are taking a semester 2 only AP class (AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, or AP Human Geography), there will be a second payment window after the new year for you to pay for these tests only. We are not accepting payment for semester 2 tests at this time. The January payment window will only be open to second semester classes.
As a general policy, there are no refunds for AP exams. Students that sign up for an AP exam have made a commitment to properly prepare for the test. Therefore, feeling unprepared will not be considered as a reason for a refund. If an unexpected circumstance were to arise, please see your counselor. This policy may be revisited should there be a change to the College Board’s AP testing administration policy.

College/University Visits this Fall

Each fall we offer colleges/universities the opportunity to visit Stoney Creek and speak to our upperclassmen. It's a great way for students to be introduced to schools they may not have considered, find out more about the schools they are interested in, and learn more about the programs these schools have to offer. Juniors and Seniors can click the button below to signup for the presentations they would like to attend. They will be sent a pass to their first hour on the day of the visits. Click here to view the college visit calendar (this is updated regularly).

College Visit Sign-Up

College and Career Fair

Stoney Creek will also be hosting the RCS College and Career Fair on October 17th 6:30-8pm. Register now!

College and Career Fair