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NHS 2020

Due to the nature of the past year, we will be holding two inductions for the 2021/2022 school year.  The first induction occurred in the spring of 2021, with members inducted on May 17th.  We will hold another induction at the end of September so anyone that may have missed the spring induction can still join NHS for the 2021-2022 school year.  The fall application will be available Monday September 6th and will be due by 2:30 pm on September 24th. 

Fall NHS Application:
For our fall induction, only current juniors and seniors are eligible to apply.  For the spring induction, any current sophomore or junior can apply.  
NHS Membership Requirements:
  • Have a cumulative 3.50 GPA.  Ms. Case will check GPA's upon submission of applications, and anyone without a 3.50 GPA will not be eligible for admission and their application will be voided.
  • Activity involvement in at least 4 extracurricular activities as a Junior (Fall induction)/Sophomore (Spring induction), and 6 as a Senior (Fall Induction)/Junior (Spring Induction): these can be sports, youth groups, or any volunteer positions over an extended period of time. They are also cumulative, so being on the football team for three years would count as three activities. 3 positive teacher recommendations
  • No violations of the student code of conduct or academic integrity agreement
More Information on “Activities” that count towards induction: 
Each applicant must meet the required number of extra-curricular activities: 
Current Juniors (Fall Induction)/ Sophomores (Spring Induction):  4 activities
Current Seniors (Fall Induction)/ Juniors (Spring Induction):  6 activities
Each activity should be done in a group setting and should meet for approximately 40 hours.  These activities are cumulative, thus involvement in a sport for both your freshmen and sophomore years counts as two activities.  You must have all information for your activities for them to count.  
Community Service that counts toward NHS: 
Membership in school clubs or sports teams
Member of an organized sports team outside of SC
Summer camps that meet the minimum requirement
Key club is one activity
Non-Paid babysitting for church
Church related activities, such as Youth Group or serving in another ministry on a regular basis count as one activity, not multiple activities
Membership in community clubs
Music lessons or performances
Participation in an activity that has an official organization associated with in.  

Service Activities that do NOT count toward NHS:
Any activity that does not have an official organization associated with it.
Community service or volunteering, such as Meals on Wheels, Soup Kitchen, etc
Activity where the student earned money 
Activity where the student earned school credit 
Babysitting for neighbors or relatives
Voluntary landscaping/janitorial for relatives or friends
Activities not run by an adult IE: working out at Lifetime
Dividing up Key Club volunteer activities
“Double Dipping” activities:  some examples include using cheerleading camp as one and cheerleading as a separate activity.  These would fall under the same activity.  Using Youth Group as one activity and soup kitchen as another activity.  If you work the soup kitchen with the Youth Group, then they are the same activity.  
Any Activity that does not meet regularly.